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The faculty members undertake research across a wide range of areas. They are organised under four main research groups including probability and statistics, combinatorics and scientific computing and Data Science with applications in areas such as mathematical biology.

Almost all members of staff receive funding from Ministry of Science and Technology of Taiwan (MOST) and have regularly attended international conferences both within Taiwan and overseas. A list of publications can be found through the link below or by visiting the staff members website.

List of the current MOST funded projects for the department.

Name Project Title


Amount Organization
Tsung-Fang Wu Existence and symmetry of ground state solutions for Schrödinger-Poisson Systems(2/2) 2022/08/01-2023/07/31 1,806,000 MOST
Hsin-Hung Shih

The study of the N-ple Markov property of linear correlated processes driven by Poisson space noises

2022/08/01-2023/07/31 435,000 MOST
Yuen-Cheng Kuo Compute the Nearest stable matrix using the structure of dissipative Hamiltonian systems(2/3) 2022/08/01-2023/07/31 919,000 MOST
Ching-Yu Chen

A mathematical study on the different tauopathies and their mechanismsy

2022/08/01-2023/07/31 524,000 MOST
Hui-lan Chang

A Study of Disjunct Matrices(2/2)

2022/08/01-2023/07/31 498,000 MOST
Ying-Chieh Lin

Study on the well-posedness problems for systems of hyperbolic balance laws(1/2) 

2022/08/01-2023/07/31 547,000 MOST
Yu-Hau Tseng

Deep learning for solving partial differential equations: Elliptic partial differential equations with singular sources

2022/08/01-2023/07/31 635,000 MOST
Chih-Hung Chang Topological properties of G-dynamical systems(3/3) 2022/08/01-2023/07/31 1,289,000 MOST
Ching-Sung Liu

The structure-preserving algorithms for finding a positive solution of nonlinear eigenvalue problems(3/3)

2022/08/01-2023/07/31 753,000 MOST
Yu-Hao Liang

The Construction and Study of Discrete-Time and Discrete-State Flocking Models

2022/08/01-2023/07/31 475,000 MOST