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About Us



The department is currently located at the second Science Building and is equipped with modern lecture theatres and computer facilities.

Computing resources

Two computer labs of PC stations supporting both Windows and Linux operating systems are available for all students of the department with high-speed servers, parallel servers (PC clusters), high-throughput clusters and Giga-bit speed Internet access. Scientific computing software, such as Matlab and Maple, and other programming compilers with integrated development environment and debuggers are readily accessible from all PC stations. A third computer lab, equipped with Mac and Windows PCs, has recently become available to the research students and staff.

Multimedia classrooms

The department has ownership to various multimedia classrooms, equipped with wireless internet access, wireless projectors, dual-band wireless microphone system, large motorized projector screens, hidden amplification system, multimedia computers, visualizers, DVD players, teleconferencing and live broadcasting/recording facilities.


In addition to the university library, the department has its own collection of undergraduate textbooks and the more advanced books and materials for research students and staff, which can be loaned out to students on request.